Waterford Walls Kicks Off 2019 Fundraising Initiative

Waterford Walls Kicks Off 2019 Fundraising Initiative

Waterford Walls has kicked off the year by announcing their first monthly fundraiser: A Dinner Dance with a Twist at the multi-award winning MOMO restaurant on January, Friday 18th at 6:30pm. The event will include a three course meal, spoken word and live music, all for just €39 with tickets available by contacting edel@waterfordwalls.ie,  Momo restaurant on Patrick St., and eventbrite.ie (€41.52).

This fundraiser is the first of many aimed at supporting the 2019 Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival. Currently the festival has enough funding to bring 25 artists to Waterford in 2019, and it hopes to be able to raise this number to 50 artists with the help of the community.

Waterford Walls

Every year since 2015 Waterford Walls International street art festival has transformed Waterford City into an open air gallery. In 2018, the festival invited 50 artists, continuing to make Waterford an essential cultural attraction and international go-to street art destination. Unlike many other festivals, Waterford Walls leaves part of itself behind every year, giving to the city and its inhabitants, changing dark corners, derelict buildings and grey walls into a riot of colour and style, inviting people to take another look at our beautiful city. In early 2018 a media evaluation of Waterford Walls was undertaken and it was found that the positive PR from this festival for Waterford has amounted to over €5 million.

“This year, our goal is to raise enough funds to have 50 artists painting throughout Waterford during the festival. The buzz and excitement they bring to our city is magical and totally unique.” said Founder and Project Manager Edel Tobin. “Waterford Walls has always been a community-driven grassroots festival, so we really want to make 2019 the biggest and best festival yet but need the community to get behind it.”

The festival has come a long way since 2015 when Edel invited 20 artists to begin what would soon become an internationally renowned festival. Now Waterford is an important destination city on the European street art circuit with pieces created by prominent artists from countries as far off as Australia, US, Brazil, South Africa, Bulgaria, Canada, Argentina and more. The event is also incredibly important for the artists themselves, including up-and-coming local and Irish talent as it sets them on the international stage and provides them with the tools, space and contacts to develop and grow their skills and knowledge.

This year promises to be an exciting year for the festival, with monthly fundraising events scheduled between now and August, and a spectacular line-up of artists for the festival itself (August 22nd-25th) with its usual abundance of programmed activities from workshops and art trails to panel talks, music and more.

If you would like to support Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival in any way you can, do so by attending one (or more) fundraiser during the year, donating on their official website www.waterfordwalls.ie or contacting them at info@waterfordwalls.ie

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