Waterford Sings Its Heart Out with Lamph

Waterford Sings Its Heart Out with Lamph

Lamph had the great excitement around Waterford this week to compose this brilliant song!!! Houses and businesses draped in blue and white and everyone is full of anticipation for Waterford to win the All Ireland Hurling Final for the first time in 58 years!

In all the excitement people are writing songs and posting them to social media for the whole world to know how proud they are of the Déise Hurlers!

One song that we really like here at Waterford In Your Pocket is from Lamph

This is Lamph’s tribute to Derek McGrath and the brave men of the Déise, as they finalise preparations for the mighty clash with the tribesmen on the first Sunday of September…

Free download the FULL song as a high quality mp3 HERE

“Enter into a land of enchanting harmonies……… and let your spirit fly!!

We come from a place where music is a powerful force that takes over your whole person, where songs write you and you become the song. Where enchanting harmonies lift your soul into a magic world far from a world obsessed with money and celebrity.

As for our music…….. Depends on what you’re in the mood for!! Our music ranges in styles from dark brooding fearscapes, to trippy-hippy sounds, to powerful ballads, to driving dance choons, to gentle harmonic trips……..”

From Lamph’s Facebook Page

You can check out other video’s from Lamph on their YouTube Channel

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