Waterford Fashion with Waterford StyleWatch

by Michelle Heffernan 

Waterford in Your Pocket brings you Waterford StyleWatch- a new Waterford Fashion feature showcasing the stylish folk spotted in our beautiful city! If you would like to nominate a friend for Waterford StyleWatch email waterfordinyourpocket@gmail.com. Scroll down for some fashion inspo!


Waterford Fashion


Magdalena Karol



What are you wearing Magda?

My top is from Pull & Bear and my jeans from Zara. My earrings are steel silver and from Oxfam Waterford. My bag was a wonderful gift from my friend, who knew I needed a giant hold-all to carry all my everyday bits. My shoes are from the Vintage Factory Waterford, and my necklace was a gift from my mother and father, a talisman to bring bravery to me every day

How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely comfy. I am not into labels, if I buy branded clothing, I actually cut the label off! Colours are so important to me. They lift me up. Every day I choose my clothes and their colours based on what humour I’m in and what energy I’m feeling in that day

What trends in particular do you like or dislike?

That “Barbie” kind of style. Plastic fantastic is not my thing! I really like looking at what tourists wear in particular. I love looking at how they dress to be prepared for any kind of adventure in the next minute!

Are Irish girls less or more fashionable than those in your native country? I really don’t think any nationality is more or less fashionable than another. Every single nation or town can have a group of people who just know themselves and find their own style through that. It’ all about when a person really knows themselves, then they show their true style


Waterford fashion


Clara Jane Hickey



What are you wearing Clara?

My pinafore is from Penneys and my top underneath is from Debenhams. My boots are also from Penneys and my necklace is a holiday souvenir. My camera is actually an occupational accessory, not something I always have! My make-up too is stage make-up, for a play I’m currently rehearsing for. It just happens to go well with my outfit!

How would you describe your style?

Preppy mixed with cool.

What has been your favourite fashion buy?

Black and white Dr Marten Shoes

What has been your worst fashion mistake?

Once I thought it would be cool to wear cat ears going out! It really wasn’t- I also used to go around in tutus regularly when I was younger!

Who is your style icon:

Definitely Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Their style is timeless

Are there any trends that you dislike?

Any kind of neon underwear with white clothing is not a good idea. And too much fake tan isn’t good either!

Favourite Shops to buy from:

In Waterford I love the Vintage factory. Online I buy from Ebay or accessories from Etsy.


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