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Waterford Fashion

The weather outside is ..let’s face it..grim. But that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! One of the only advantages offered by this change of season is the blatant excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! Here are my top Winter buys from Penneys, providing you with plenty of pretty reasons to obliterate your wardrobe and your bank account.

Fly Away With Me

Waterford Fashion

Dear Santa. Can I please PLEASE have an aviator jacket? Preferably the oversized faux leather kind, as shown in the pictures above. Let’s face it, since it shot to fashion Fahrenheit in Fall 2010 ,the aviator jacket has been an all year round wardrobe staple. With three beautiful versions available in Penneys for €40 and under, this isn’t a fashion dilemma, this is a wardrobe investment. Personally, I would prefer the original black version, but the the brown faux fur shown could offer a more colourful affront to those grim grey rainclouds

Cosy is King

Waterford Fashion

Its definitely moving into duvet day territory outside, and cosy knits or cardies are going to be your best bet for braving the great outdoors. I really love these long sleeve block colour jumpers, €14 available in pink, blue and green, as well as the boyfriend style cardy, €16 for layering over a cute blouse or floral dress. The jumper dresses €18 are a style no brainer too-all you need is a slip dress and boots and you’re good to go!

Fresh Coat of Paint

Waterford Fashion

Coats are now taking up a great chunk of floor space in Penneys. There is everything from padded ski style jackets, to macs, fur,parkas, raincoats, one really is spoiled for choice. My favourite are the duster coats, shown above in tan and blue(€30), as I try to bring some colour to an autumn look rather than consistently wearing black. The pea coats, in mauve and green (€30), are just as cute, while the tartan coat,( €35) will tick another trend off the fashion checklist

Get checked

Waterford Fashion

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The 90s are truly back in fashion. Check  prints and tartan textiles are everywhere, from girly pinafore dresses to, structured blouses to grungy guy style shirts.The key to this look is taking one simple piece, and building basics around it, rather than going full Scotsman on the trend. The waist cinched dress would be ideal with a black or grey polo underneath, while the Burberry style blouse or tartan shoes could stand out well against a structured black trouser. Whether you’re casual, cool or just Clueless 🙂 , check is your new bff.

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Happy Shopping!

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