Waterford in your Pocket


We are so lucky here in Waterford to have a countryside that offers so much for people to enjoy and to explore. Waterford has something for everyone, whether you seek adventure or relaxation - you can bet we have it. From golf, horse riding, surfing, sea and river kayaking, hiking and walking, fishing, and play ground for the kids we have it all here in Waterford. Over time we will be adding more and more exciting things to do in Waterford. Come and explore Waterford, you won't be disappointed!

With this large area of land we live on, we're lucky to be have such a wide variety of outdoor activities for the person who loves to walk, trek, bike, and hike!
Waterford has a wild and winding coastline that offers many small coves and secluded beaches with majestic bays of golden sands and is a playground for water sport enthusiasts, rambling, fishing and simply just relaxing.
Activities that include sailing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, wind and kite surfing,and tons more, makes Waterford a great destination for for a holiday, weekend break or a day out.
Waterford is Ireland's hidden gem for golfing. You'll find courses all over the county to satisfy your golfing needs!
With a ton of walking routes, beaches, parks, and a whole assortment of other outdoor activities, play parks offer the perfect stop and play area for kids.