Waterford in your Pocket

History & Culture

Waterford is full of history and culture with a fantastic arts scene. Whether it is theatre, music, drama we have something for everyone. We also boast 3 museums which make up Waterford Treasures from Reginald's Tower, Ireland's oldest civic building, hosting our viking heritage, the award winning Medieval Museum showing our history of the middle ages including the city charter and the Bishops Palace showcasing Waterford's greatest most prosperous era of the 18 and 19 centuries. The Waterford Crystal experience is also an adventure into the glass making industry that is synonymous with Waterford.

If there was just one thing Waterford is known for, it's glass making. For over 200 years, Waterford has been producing some of the best glass and crystal products in the world.

Every visitor must experience Waterford's extensive 1100 year history. From the arrival of the Vikings during the 10th century to modern day Waterford, you're sure to learn some interesting facts about Ireland's oldest city.

Waterford's has multiple options for theatre and arts enthusiasts. With multiple venues and locations hosting a variety of unique events every week, you're bound to find something to tickle your fancy!

Ireland has an extensive history with the catholic and protestant churches. Because of this, many spectacular church structures remain, some of which you can find right in Waterford's city centre.