Food & Drink

Looking for a fancy restaurant? A small café? or maybe a pub for quick pint? Waterford’s got you covered! There’s a huge food culture surrounding Co. Waterford and we celebrate this year round during various events such as The West Waterford Food Festival and Harvest Festival. Waterford is the home to hundreds of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and more which offer a diverse range of food and drink – some made and sold exclusively in Waterford, and other unique creations brought here by a range of diverse culinary innovators. Check out and see what’s around!

Waterford Restaurants

In the mood for some Italian? Or maybe French or Thai food? You’ll find a ton of diverse restaurants scattered across Waterford!

Waterford Cafés

There are plenty of pit stops you can make if you’re looking for a coffee or a quick bite to eat. From you’re traditional coffee shops to chocolate cafés and more.

Waterford Pubs

Not only do many of Waterford’s pubs serve a wide selection of beers, ales, and more, but many offer some of the best food in the country.