Roaming Charges End

Roaming Charges End

June 15th 2017

Roaming charges end which is a bit of good news and this certainly is great news!  Europeans will be able to use their phones without fear of racking up huge bills starting from this summer after officials in Brussels confirmed they are on course to put an end to roaming charges.

As of the 15th of June 2017 there will be no roaming charges for mobile phones of citizens of member states in the European Union.  The new rules will enable all European travellers using a SIM card of a Member State in which they reside or with which they have “stable links” to use their mobile device in any other EU country, just as they would at home.

What are “stable Links” I hear you ask?  Well examples of “stable links” include cross-border commuters and posted workers, Erasmus+ programme beneficiaries such as students, apprentices or volunteers.

Mobile operators have to offer their roaming services at domestic prices to consumers who either normally reside in or have stable links to the Member State of the operator, while those customers are periodically travelling in the EU. If necessary, operators can ask their customers to provide proof of residence or of such stable links to the Member State in question. Roaming providers may apply fair, reasonable and proportionate control mechanisms based on objective indicators to detect the risks of abusive or anomalous use of “Roam like at Home” beyond periodic travelling.

Europeans will pay domestic prices when they call, text or go online from their mobile devices and will have full access to other parts of their mobile subscription (e.g. monthly data package).

So where ever you go this summer you can rest easily and not be nervous to make a call home, that’s from the 15th of June that is!

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