Podcast No 7 with Waterford In Your Pocket

Podcast No 7 with Waterford In Your Pocket

There is nothing like a bit of banter and I love chatting with people and having a bit of fun along the way.  In this podcast, I speak with Mayor of Waterford City and County John Pratt and how things have changed for him and his role as Mayor of this ancient City and County.

Listen to “The Waterford In Your Podcast Podcast – Ep 7 – May 12th 2020” on Spreaker.

I also have a chat with Billy Costine who has brought out a new book titled “My Chinese experience” a personal story that Billy has written over a few years.  Personally I can say it’s a great read and one to enjoy over a cuppa and the feet up.  The best part about it is that it not a travel guide but Billys own experience and it even has a few twists.

If you would like a copy you can buy it on Amazon using this link

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