Palm Oil ‘Fatbergs’ on some Irish Beaches

Palm Oil ‘Fatbergs’ on some Irish Beaches

An alert has been issued from the Environmental Protection Agency Palm Oil ‘Fatbergs’ on some Irish Beaches

In recent weeks there have been a number of reported occurrences of white / off-white oily solid residues, similar to that pictured below, being washed up on Irish beaches.

Palm Oil

Analysis of these residues shows them to be Palm Oil. This substance is used widely in cosmetic and personal care products but can cause severe illness (even fatalities) in dogs, who are attracted because of its strong diesel-like aroma.

While most reported occurrences appear to have been in the Irish Sea it is possible that they may potentially wash up anywhere on our coastline.

Their origin is thought to be from a cargo which was lost off the UK coast in last winter’s storms. The EPA would advise everyone to be vigilant for these residues.

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