Imagine 2016

Imagine Arts Festival 2016

There are festivals and then there is Imagine 2016.  The Imagine Arts Festival is one those festivals that always lets you wanting more and more and more.  Now in it’s 15th year Imagine has grown from strength to strength. This year plans to be a bumper year!  With over 60 events between the 20th and 30th of October.

Imagine 2016

The arts often get a negative reaction because so many people think that the arts are simply something that is out of their reach.  But the opposite is true.  The arts, in what ever form, belongs to all of us.  It is just another method of communication when you think of it.  We all listen to music and watch TV and movies.  We have all admired the fantastic and beautiful work done by Waterford Walls.  So I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is what the arts are all about.

Imagine 2016

A TV programme of a movie is all about the story line, props,  special effects, sound, actors and everything else you can think of to give you an special experience.  Music is the same.  Someone had an idea and wrote it down.  They then decided what instruments to play their creation on or if they should put lyrics to it or not.

So you see even though many of us might say “the arts” with a tone of derision, like it are not the arts surround us each and every day.

Imagine 2016

Now to get back to Imagine 2016, so what’s on offer?  Well you will be amazed, there are 60 events on offer celebrating  literature, music, art, craft, dance, theatre and Trad including 25 events on offer to locals and visitors for free.

Lets have a look at the music on offer! There is something for everyone from jazz to folks to rap to rock in lots of venues right across the city!  Check out the MUSIC programme HERE

Then we have the Trad Music Trail. With trad music being played all over the city and workshops too!  There is THEATREOpera and Classical Music, Literature and Spoken Word, Dance, Visual Art, Film, Families and Children, History and Heritage.

Check out this video with some amazing photos from Ciaran Conneely (see his work at

So don’t say you’re not into the arts, say that you are going to go out and enjoy what Imagine 2016 has to offer!  Get out and enjoy the craic and meet some great people and have some really good fun along the way!

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