Granville Hotel Wins Top Award

Granville Hotel Wins Top Award


The Granville Hotel is one of Waterford city’s best know landmarks and has served many a visitor from far and wide for many years.  The birth place of Thomas Francis Meagher (the man how gave us the Irish Tricolour) the Granville Hotel is to many people a home away from home right in the heart of Waterford City.

This week the Granville Hotel won the prestigious Gold Award for Best Hotel Dinner at the CIE Awards in Dublin.  The reason that this award is so coveted is because it is voted on by guests to the hotel visiting Waterford with CIE Tours International.

Granville Hotel

Year after year the Granville Hotel strives for excellence and putting each and every guest at the top of their priority list.  This passion has led the Granville Hotel to win many awards in the past including for their home made Strawberry and Raspberry jams.

The Granville Hotel is also delighted to have a much coveted AA Rosette Award for the Bianconi Restaurant. The AA Rosette Award is awarded to restaurants who provide “truly outstanding food”. For properties vying to stand at Rosette level, evidence of quality ingredients, accurate cooking, and clarity of flavour will earn top marks for an AA Food Inspector. A restaurant must truly possess a distinct creative flair; achieving standards that demand recognition nationally, and are well-established in their own right. Most integral to a Restaurant Inspector’s judgment is the taste and freshness of the food on offer, as well as accuracy of cookery. Indeed, it is not the plate of food that is being assessed, but the food on the plate.

For more information on the Granville Hotel you can visit their WEBSITE and follow them on Facebook where you can check out some of the reviews that visitors have left.

Well done to  everyone at the Granville Hotel.

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