Get Waterford Back on its Feet Again – The Snow Clearing Challenge!!

Get Waterford Back on its Feet Again!!

Step up to “The Snow Clearing Challenge!!”

The recent snowfall all over Ireland has caused many disruptions and as beautiful as it was for many of us to admire, walk and play in  – now is the time for Waterford people countywide to get together and get Waterford back on its feet again!!

Many businesses have suffered and schools have been closed but now it’s time to get back to normality.

This is a time where we can all pull together and help each other to clear the remaining snow not just on our own drives, pathways and housing estates but also on the pathways and drives of neighbours who are not able to do so and it’s also a great way of getting involved in and helping your community.

So get together with family, friends, neighbours, residents groups and colleagues and get Waterford back on its feet again!!

Get Waterford Back on its Feet Again - The Snow Clearing Challenge!!

Waterford Council issued a “Severe Weather Update” at 4pm on Saturday 2nd of March 2018 and it reads as follows:

“Due to the scale of the snowfall and extent of drifting, the Council is requesting assistance from the public with the following:

1. Clearing snow from footpaths in front of their premises, in urban areas

2. Clearing snow from roads and footpaths in housing estates

3. People with equipment such as high-power tractors with loading shovels to assist in clearing snow drifts from local roads

The Severe Weather Management Team has continued to meet throughout the severe weather event and is now engaging in planning for recovery over the coming days. We urge the public to stay off the roads as there are continued risks associated with unnecessary journeys.

Our phone lines 0761 102020 are being answered and only emergencies are being processed for now and we expect it will remain so until Monday morning at the very earliest.

Waterford City and County Council would like to commend the emergency crews for the commitment over the past 72 hours.”

More info. and updates on the Waterford Council Website HERE and on their Facebook page HERE.

More info. also on WLRFM who have been the core of the community with all their updates and information throughout the recent weather crisis on their Website HERE and on their Facebook page HERE.

If you are living in rural areas you could set up a community task force or team and call in on neighbours to help them shift their snow using what machinery is available to you and work together to get Waterford people out and about, on their feet and mobile again!!

Get Waterford Back on its Feet Again - The Snow Clearing Challenge!!

Here’s a few tips on shoveling your snow:

  1. First of all do not attempt shoveling if you are putting your health at risk.
  2. When you remove snow from the driveway or path and toss it somewhere, make sure you’re not tossing it some place where it will be in the way. You can always deposit it near a drain where, when it melts, it will not cause any unnecessary build up of Water.
  3. Check that available drains are not blocked with leaves or silt so that when the snow melts the water will not accumulate.
  4. Wrap up warm, wear suitable boots to avoid slipping and take breaks in between for a cuppa and a chat with your helpers to keep your spirits, motivation and energy levels up! It’s not an easy job!!
  5. Deposit or toss the snow on a permeable surface (to allow better drainage) such as gravel, grass or on a green rather than on the road or on an impermeable surface such as tarmacadam or concrete. The reason being that when the snow melts you’re left with a build up of water and this could be very dangerous if it freezes.
  6. Wax your shovel (if you can) with car wax or candle wax to stop the snow sticking in clumps to it and make it easier for you to shovel away to your hearts content.
  7. Use SALT to melt the snow – simply shake salt on pathways and driveways and this will also aid in avoiding refreezing if temperatures do drop again.

Get Waterford Back on its Feet Again – The Snow Clearing Challenge!!

Best of luck everyone!!


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