Friendly Ferrets

Friendly ferrets a family favourite as pet numbers soar

Ferret fancier Agnes set to be a huge hit at Waterford Country Fair on Sunday, June 10

FORGET about labradoodles or rare rabbit breeds – ferrets are the latest pet craze and they’re so full of mischief and fun, one of the country’s top ferret fanciers says.

“Ferrets are loads of fun. If I had to live the rest of my life with just one species of pets under the roof, ferret would be it. They also can be a lot of work,” according to Irish Ferrets’ Agnes Puskorius.

The  Lithuanian, who has lived in Ireland for the last 15 years,  brings her two ferrets, Avadon (5) and Migaloo (2) to Waterford Country Fair at 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate in  Portlaw, county Waterford on Sunday, June 10. Throughout the day, Agnes will be introducing children to the slinky, fun-loving creatures who’ve taken over her life. Funds raised at the family-focused annual Fair go to Make-A-Wish Ireland.

Friendly Ferrrets
Irish Ferrets’ Agnes Puskorius pictured with her pet ferrets, Migaloo (2) and Avadon (5). She brings the duo to Waterford Country Fair at 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate in Portlaw, county Waterford on Sunday, June 10. Funds raised go to Make A Wish Ireland
(Photo credit: PurpleBlues Photography)

“I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and fun at the Fair. Our dog Savannah, who grew up with ferrets, will be there too. People will have a chance to talk all about ferrets, pet them, hold them, get a picture taken with them.

“My boys love attention and they love meeting new people and being fussed over,” the keen photographer with PurpleBlues Photography and senior stylist with Jack and Jones in Galway said.

“Ferrets are fun pets to have but they also tend to be high maintenance. They require a good deal of knowledge and tonnes of patience. I run Facebook group called IrishFerrets and people can always contact me, and Monika, who helps me run the page, for more information on how to be a good ferret owner. We have few articles on the page too for people to browse through.

“Even though my own ferrets are free roaming, they are litter trained and have the house to rule. I always recommend getting a good quality, decent size cage for first-time owners. This way it is easier to keep them safe when you are not around.

“Ferrets are carnivores! A lot of people tend to think they are rodents, but that is what ferrets eat in the wild! Mice, rats, the occasional bird, frog, and bug. They should only be kept on best dry cat food and/or raw meat such as chicken, turkey, mice, rabbit etc. My ferrets get high-quality wet food as a treat too but all the ferrets, alongside my own, tend to become very picky eaters if you let them” she added.

Friendly Ferrets
Pet ferrets, Avadon (5) and Migaloo (2), pictured with Agnes’ dog,Savannah. She brings all 3 to Waterford Country Fair at the 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate in Portlaw, county Waterford on Sunday, June 10.
Pic PurpleBlue Photography

Ferrets are very popular pets in America and some European countries and they are getting more and more popular as pets here in Ireland too. “People are less and less shocked nowadays when I tell them I have ferrets. It was nearly unheard of 10 years ago,” she said.

The Ferrets display is just one of numerous attractions at the fundraising Waterford Country Fair on Sunday, June 10. It’s billed as the Bloom of country life and living and draws thousands to Curraghmore each year.  Other events include jousting knights on horseback, a dog show, archery, puppet shows, face painting, poultry displays and cookery demonstrations, pony classes, live music and so much more.

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