Free Stuff For the Whole Family!

Free Stuff For the Whole Family!

Compiled by Jennifer Tobin

It can be so difficult to stay motivated and busy during this downtime.  However, unlike people who lived through previous pandemics, we have one massive advantage! We are now more connected than ever thanks to the Internet.

I’ve been thinking of things that I can do while at home. As we are limited in our interaction with the outside world for a short time, there are things that we can do to not only keep busy but to learn and entertain.

There is something in these links for the whole family

There are many free courses available online at:

Learn a new Language for free!! 

Did you have a holiday planned and wanted to visit some museums and now cant?

Why don’t you do a virtual tour?  I have compiled a list of Museums that do Virtual Tours: – The louvre in france – The Guggenheim Museum in New York
NGA.Gov  – National Gallery of Art in Maryland  – A guided tour through art with google –  natural History Museum in Washington USA – The Met Museum in New York USA
Oh.Larc.Nasa.Gov –  NASA Tour –  The Vatican in Rome – Womens history Museum in Virgina USA – National Museum of the US airforce – National Museum of Ireland – 360 degree tour of many Irish historical places – Virtual tour of the medieval museum in Waterford – Perth museum virtual tour – Natural history Museum in the UK – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – Museum of arts and culture in the UK

Would you like to be able to visit a theme park from the comfort of your own home? 

Here are a list of theme parks that have virtual tours available to you!!

Do you love animals? Would you like to see animals in zoos all over the world??

Here are some links that can help you do just that!!
Dublin Zoo has live webcams so that you can see the penguins, giraffes  and elephants
San Diego Zoo  have so much to offer, they have live webcams where you can see – Baboons, Pandas, Koalas, Butterflies and so much more
San Diego Zoo also offer fantastic online activities for kids!
Chester Zoo also have a great range of fun activities  from downloadable masks: to interesting animal facts:
And last but not least from Chester zoo they have a Facebook page with videos and updates:
Cincinnati Zoo – Have a home safari at 7pm Irish time that you can tune to, its something for the whole family to enjoy:
Check out their Facebook page for educational videos and more: Https://
Australia Zoo: Learn all about the animals that live in Australia zoo:
Taninn Zoo is Estonias only zoo, find their webcam feeds here:
Chattanooga Zoo: they have live webcams of their Meerkats, Snow Leapords and Tamarn Monkeys here:

Love animals but prefer ones in Water rather than on land?

Love visiting aquariums and wish you could right now?
Here is a list of Aquariums and other sites that have lots for you to see!!
Georgia Aquarium:They have Beluga whales, Jellyfish and Piranhas to see right here:
Aquarium of the Pacific: Here they have Sharks Penguins and More, go have a look here:
Shedd Aquarium in Chicago  have the best Twitter page that I think you will love:
Monterey Bay Aquarium have lots of web cams to view showing the coral reef, the open sea and inside the aquarium itself, lots to see on this website: has so many webcams it would take ages to list but they do have the coolest webcams showing animals like orca whales, crocodiles and flying Foxes:
Seattle Aquarium has the cutest sea otters you will ever see right here:

Do you want some screen-free time? why not play some of these games that you can play with the whole family?

Paper Games: pen-and-paper-games
Indoor Activities for kids of all ages:

Last but by no means the least I was also recently shared a link of free products and services that are currently available:

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