Family Effort Clean up Beaches

Family Effort Clean Up Beaches

We meet a lot of people when we’re out and about but every now and again we meet people that are passionate about where they live and the environment.  Last weekend we met a father and his kids at a local beach and they were picking up the bits of plastic and rubbish that were washed in with the tide.  The beach itself was free from rubbish but the amount of debris that was washed up was just mind blowing.  We spoke to the dad, who wished to remain anonymous said

“Our family effort to clean up plastics on 2 local beaches were very satisfying. I and my teenage kids talked about the actual act of doing something real rather than our usual on-line upset at the state of our marine environment. This small token on our part gave us a warm feeling as we give a little bit back to the coast and the sea, which has given us so much in our lives. Its just a small step but means so much to us. It was also so nice to be outdoors together sharing a common goal, helping our environment and sharing our thoughts and feelings as we filled our rubbish sacks (about 10 in all). We ate our sandwiches and cakes (which always taste better outside) sat in out of the showers and found some beach “treasure” as a bonus and physical memory of a great day out together”.

Family Effort Clean up Beaches
Family Effort Clean up Beaches

It’s amazing what can be achieved when we all work together but remember every little bit helps.  Well done to the family of cleaners you’ve done yourself proud and created some magical memories along the way.   The respect that this family give the environment is really awe inspiring and we could all learn from their example.  So the next time you are at the beach why not join in and pick up some rubbish?

Last week we wrote about recycling and where and how you can recycle your rubbish.  You can access the post HERE.

All you need are black sacks, gloves and maybe a rubbish picker if you don’t want to handle rubbish.

Family Effort Clean up Beaches

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