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Waterford In Your Pocket launch Go Fund Me Campaign!

Waterford In Your Pocket has grown over the past few years and we try to cover as many events as possible in Waterford to showcase what our wonderful Waterford and it’s communities have to offer.  In order to expand what we can share with you we need to update our website so that we can offer you more in the way of not just news but events, interviews and much more and also promote Waterford locally, nationally and globally.  We have invested a lot into Waterford In Your Pocket but we are asking you for your help to get the platform to the next stage.

At the moment we are using a wordpress site which has worked brilliantly but we hope to create a new website which will be much more detailed, interactive and informative.

We have seen a massive fall off in Social Media over the past year with has to do with new algorithms that have been implemented by the big Social Media companies.  Having said that we still reach around 400,000 people every month with our posts but the trend seems to be for more website content and content you can trust. We have well over 40,000 followers and as it stands just 40,000 likes on our FB page.

Our overheads are not that much but they’re still overheads which we can cover from income we receive from projects we undertake every year.  We know that we have a lot more to offer and with your help we can grow and grow.

We are asking you to donate what ever amount you like to our Go Fund Me campaign it will help a lot and every cent will be very much appreciated.  You can access the campaign HERE!

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Waterford In Your Pocket

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