Waterford Lions Club Christmas Carol Concert

Waterford Lions Club Christmas Carol Concert For many people in Waterford the Lions Club Christmas Hamper Appeal Annual Carol Concert is the sign that Christmas is here.  This year was the concerts 27th year which makes it part of the Christmas calendar in Waterford.  People from far and wide come together to hear the Waterford […]

10 Things you Shouldn’t do at Christmas

10 Things you Shouldn’t do at Christmas We all love Christmas, well I hope we do, friends and family, parties and celebrations and festive fun and frolics but sometimes we forget a little bit of Etiquette goes a long way. So here are 10 things that you SHOULDN’T do at Christmas.   10 Things you […]

Christmas Pranks

Christmas Pranks If you are like me then you love playing pranks on people and there is nothing like Christmas Pranks! With everyone in great moods and full of Christmas cheer it easy to catch them out and have a bit of fun!  Here are a few ideas for you. If you can get your […]

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 10 things about the Winter Solstice that you might not have known If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then it is the Winter Solstice is shortest day of the year but in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice and it is the longest day of the year. Most people are […]

Digitally Rembering a Loved One

Digitally Rembering a Loved One Recently I was in a conversation with a few friends when one mentioned that a birthday reminder for a friend was on his Facebook page.  Now there is nothing unusual in that only that this birthday was of a friend who had passed away earlier this year which got us […]

30 Gifts you Don’t Want

30 Gifts you Don’t Want Under the Tree on Christmas Morning Every year millions of people get presents that they don’t want a Christmas so here’s a list of 30 Gifts you Don’t Want School supplies Out of date selection boxes Clothes that don’t fit A soccer jersey from the wrong team Socks Household items […]

Waterford Lions Club Hamper Pack

Waterford Lions Club Hamper Pack It is only through the generosity of the people of Waterford that the Waterford Lions club can achieve so much and help so many families at Christmas.  All their fundraising efforts come down to one morning in December and that is the Waterford Lions Club Hamper Pack. This year over […]

Storm Barbara hits over Christmas

Storm Barbara to hit over Christmas   Latest GFS run shows no weakening of Xmas storm. No Christmas dinner for some if this verifies #stormbarbara pic.twitter.com/1YwkcLBSdb — Waterford Weather (@waterfdweather) December 18, 2016 It’s not looking good for people traveling this Christmas!  Forecasters are warning that Storm Barbra will bring bad weather towards the end […]

Waterford Lions Club Carol Concert

Waterford Lions Club Christmas Carol Concert with The Waterford Concert Orchestra For many people Christmas starts with the Waterford Lions Club Christmas Carol Concert in the Cathedral of the Most Holy in Barronstrand Street with the Waterford Concert Orchestra and choirs from the city and county under the baton of Kevin O’Carroll. This years concert […]

Christmas in Waterford

Christmas in Waterford   Why not spend Christmas in Waterford this year? Waterford City is the place to be this Christmas where Ireland first Christmas Festival, Winterval, is taking place between November 25th and December 23rd.  Here are 30 things that you can do in Waterford during the Christmas season!  Come visit and you will […]