St Brigid

The story of St Brigid And How to Make a St Brigid’s Cross The 1st of February is the feast of St Brigid and is also known as Imbolc which is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals along with Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain and marks the start of spring St Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saints along […]

The Great Lewis

The Great Lewis Cromwell’s Flag Ship Uncovered by Wreck Detectives Many of you may not have heard of the ‘Great Lewis’ but it was the flagship of the Cromwellian fleet that was sank in the Waterford Estuary on the 26th of January 1645. When civil war broke out in England the nobles of Ireland were […]

Ship Runs Aground On River Barrow

Ship Runs Aground On River Barrow An interesting story this week came about when a ship the MV Lisa ran into difficulties on the River Barrow, one of the Three Sister Rivers, as it made its way to New Ross carrying a cargo of four and a half thousand tonnes of dry goods. The ship ran […]

Putting Waterford On The Map

Putting Waterford On The Map In 1544 there was a book was published by German cartographer Sebastian Munster titled ‘Cosmographia’.  Why are we writing about this, I hear you ask?  Well Munster’s book was the earliest know description of the world that we know today.  It had numerous editions in different languages including Latin, French (translated […]

We’re all saints out here

“We’re all saints out here!” A social history film on St. Johns Park delivers some of the most interesting stories you’ll hear. We’re all saints out here is a new documentary film that explores the lives and history of the people who moved to St. Johns Park in the late 50’s and early 60’s in […]

Friday the 13th Unlucky For Some Or Is It?

Friday the 13th Why do we fear Friday the 13th so much?  Why do we think it’s so unlucky?  What made us so paranoid and superstitious?  Why is it unlucky only for some?  Why don’t we know why? Well it’s like one of those fake news sits that tell us thing that many of us […]

Our Humour (The way we say things)

Our Humour Many visitors find it hard to understand often with hilarious results People always comment on our humour here in Ireland maybe because they can’t understand the unique art of communication that the Irish have.  We use English words that have a different meaning the world over than the way we uses them here […]

Waterford Treasures

Waterford Treasures Free Admission every Wednesday In January and February For the months of January and February 2017 Waterford Treasures (Bishops Palace and Medieval Museum) have free admission!  Yes you read right, FREE! Waterford Treasures offer you the chance to uncover the history of the oldest city in Ireland in two award winning museums. Waterford […]

New Search and Rescue Base

New Search and Rescue Base for Waterford City Waterford Marine Search and Rescue is proud to announce the purchase of a 3 story, 6000 square feet unit located at the Park Road Business Park, adjacent to the River Suir in Waterford City which will become their New Search and Rescue Base. Waterford Marine Search and […]

Rosamond Jacob

Rosamond Jacob “Contemporary Waterford is teeming with ambitious and strong women who are changing the landscape and future of the city with their work and vision. Today’s women follow in the footsteps of those who came before them and the diverse interests of the women of Waterford City are simply fascinating. Megan Winters has teamed […]