The Wren

So how did the Wren get the title ‘King of the Birds’? The wren (pronounced “ran”) – how it came to be called ‘the King of Birds’? Well, long ago, there was a big race between all the birds, to see who would fly the highest. And of course the eagle was odds-on favourite to […]

Christmas and Waterford 1915

Christmas 1915 In Britain the outbreak of war was met with patriotic fervour as men rushed to enlist. Enlistment here in Ireland was encouraged by influential figures such as John Redmond MP. Many believed that Home Rule for Ireland would be the reward for the Irish contribution to the war effort, a short sharp war […]

Christmas Safety Message

Rapid Cabs and Purple Flag Christmas safety messages Waterford City’s Rapid Cabs and Purple Flag offer top five safety tips for going out this Christmas season. Christmas is a special time of year, especially for those who live in Waterford City. The City centre will enjoy its busiest time of the year with Christmas parties, […]