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Slide background LOOKING BACK ON 2014! As we roll in the new year, why not take a quick look back on Winterval, The Harvest Festival,
The Tricolour Festival, Waterford's 1100th birthday, Marathons, Half-Marathons, and
countless more events that have taken place over the last year!
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Waterford Events
Festivals, theatre productions, gigs, fun runs, and much much more! Waterford plays host to a huge number of events all year round.
Waterford Blog
Check out our constantly updated News & Blog page. We bring you fresh content about everything Waterford, every day!
Waterford Contact
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Waterford Food and Drink
Looking for a fancy restaurant? A small café? or maybe a pub for quick pint? Waterford's got you covered! Restaurants, cafés, pubs, and more!
Waterford Outdoors
Mountains, beaches, rolling green hills, and tons more! The adventuring possibilities are endless here in county Waterford!
Waterford History
There is so much history and culture surrounding Waterford that truly makes it stand out from the rest. We guarantee you'll find plenty to learn about!


Waterford in your Pocket is a website that will evolve and grow over time. We started out as a small Facebook page dedicated to showcasing the beauty, inspiration, and entertainment Waterford provides on a daily basis and this is what we want to continue to do. We've launched this website with the intention of taking this dedication to the next level, giving users access to a wide host of information relating to Waterford City and it's neighbouring towns, villages, and it's beautiful sprawling countryside. As time goes on so too will Waterford In Your Pocket grow. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on what's going on!

Latest Posts

Waterford Events

Waterford Events | 26th Jan – 1st Feb

We’ve added a new venue to our roster here at Waterford In Your Pocket! Central Arts will be providing us with their unique set of events over the course of the year, and of course we’ll be continuing to show our support for the events scene at Garter Lane and Theatre Royal....
Waterford Facts

Waterford Facts #5

We’re mixing up our Waterford Facts a bit this time around! Find out about Waterford’s All-ireland senior hurling history, the many sister cities of Waterford City and it’s many nearby towns, and an obscure beach that caters for for the nudist enthusiast! And don’t...